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Bluegrass Estate Sale is a high end luxury estate sale warehouse centrally located in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. We have been in this line of business for over 20 years, so we know what it takes to get it done. Our sister company, Bluegrass Moving Concierge, coordinates moves for our clients from large to small – and offers a trusted outlet to sell their items direct to our retail customers.


Beth Ann Glassford has held a variety of jobs that all tie into her expertise at Bluegrass Moving Concierge and Estate Sale. The business management graduate of University of Tennessee at Knoxville has sold and managed online auctions, designed and planned events and served as a licensed female contractor for over 20 years.


Mother of three and grandmother of three, Beth Ann was raised in the South. Her experience of moving her elderly parents into assisted living, and moving her family around Tennessee and Kentucky, validated her need to start a company with an emphasis on empathy and service.


For nearly 10 years, Bluegrass Moving Concierge and Estate Sale has succeeded because of our mission, which prompts our staff to treat every new job as a friend, and every service to a client as a mutual gift for the company and the client.


We take pride in supporting clients through one of the most daunting experiences of their lives.

Beth Ann Haydon Bluegrass Estate Sale Lexington KY
Need help with the liquidation of your estate or a family member’s estate?

Worry Free Moving

For those unfamiliar with concierge moving, move managers do as much or as little as you like, from a quick consultation to a complete transition — starting with decluttering and ending with design. Think of it like concierge at a hotel, whatever you need, we can take care of it hence, Bluegrass Moving Concierge. Other moving companies do not pay attention to the details we do or offer the same types of services.


The first time Beth Ann meets a client she pays attention to the chair they sit in, the lamp they turn on, which side of the bed they sleep on. All small details that make a huge difference transitioning to a new home or a retirement community. For example, family members may not want to take a table and Beth will say, “Well Mr. Ted has been eating off that table for 40 years and I’m sure we can find a place to put it!” Also other mover’s may unpack, but they place the dishes on counters or tables, and leave open boxes. While it is indeed unpacking, it’s not nesting. Bluegrass Moving Concierge’s goal on move day is to have their bed made, bathroom all set up and coffee pot ready with their favorite cup nearby. They haul away all empty boxes, paper and trash before leaving and if necessary come back the next morning and finish up with decorating.


Bluegrass Moving Concierge has a team of a dozen ladies and they are smart, aggressive and can multi-task! In all seriousness, what truly sets Bluegrass Moving Concierge & Estate Sale apart is the concierge portion of the business, taking the stress out of some really stressful situations for individuals and families.

Estate Sale Services Lexington KY

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    Visit our sister business Bluegrass Moving Concierge for help with packing, unpacking and coordinating that moving entails; we offer unexpected value-like upsizing, downsizing, righting, staging, cleaning services and so much more.


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